July is Hemochromatosis Awareness Month

by Stephen Cobb on July 11, 2010

July is Hemochromatosis Awareness Month“Did you know that July is National Hemochromatosis Awareness Month?”

That simple sentence is all you need to start a conversation about the Celtic Curse. Some people may respond with “Hemo-what-osis?” and that’s when you hook them with “You know, Celtic Curse?”

We’ve struck up conversations like that with lots of different people and so far nobody has objected. Most people are fascinated to learn more about a potentially fatal condition, one that might run in the family, might be killing relatives, and might explain why Uncle Fred had cirrhosis of the liver even though he swore he never touched a drop. (Here’s a hint: Uncle Fred might have been telling the truth–while drinking to excess is never a good idea, hemochromatosis can damage your liver in ways that mimic the effects of alcohol consumption.)

If you want some talking points, or feel like taking the message to the streets, there are several documents you can download from the Iron Disorders Institute. Print them out and hand them out. People will thank you, honestly.

And for every person whose awareness you raise, we thank you!

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