The purpose of CelticCurse.org is to save lives by raising awareness of hemochromatosis or iron overload, particularly hereditary hemochromatosis, also called genetic haemochromatosis. Here are three important things to know about hereditary hemochromatosis:

  • Testing for hereditary hemochromatosis is relatively inexpensive.
  • Treatment to prevent the adverse effects of hereditary hemochromatosis is relatively inexpensive, if started early enough.
  • The medical, personal and social costs of treating the damage caused by untreated hereditary hemochromatosis? Huge, crippling, ruinous.

Facts about hemochromatosis-haemochromatosisAround the world, millions of lives are permanently damaged or prematurely ended by untreated hereditary hemochromatosis.

What’s our plan? Greater awareness, more screening, earlier detection, wider access to treatment, moral support for victims. And that’s for starters.

We launched this site in July, 2010, which happens to be National Hemochromatosis Awareness Month in the USA. Yet very few Americans that we speak to have heard of this condition. So we are planning to act all year round, and all round the world. Our goal? Save millions of lives.