Who is responsible for CelticCurse.org?

Q. Who created CelticCurse.org
A. CelticCurse.org was created in 2010 by Stephen Cobb to raise awareness of hereditary hemochromatosis or iron overload, also called genetic haemochromatosis.

Q. Who is Stephen Cobb?
A. Stephen is an author and computer security professional. He works at ESET North America where his title is Senior Security Researcher. His LinkedIn page is here.

Q. Why did Stephen create this site?
A. Stephen’s wife, Chey Cobb, also a writer and computer security expert, has hemochromatosis. Stephen wanted to spread the word about hemochromatosis to help other families avoid the tragic consequences of undiagnosed iron overloading. Chey sometimes helps with research for blog posts and replying to comments.

Q. When did Chey start experiencing the symptoms of hemochromatosis?
A. Around the time she turned 40.

Q. When did Chey find out she had hemochromatosis?
A. November of 2008, more than 10 years after the first indications of iron loading. Stephen wrote about the diagnosis in this article: What Am I Thankful For? A diagnosis of hemochromatosis

Q. Is either Stephen or Chey a medical doctor?
A. No. But given the terrible track record of doctors when it comes to diagnosing and treating hemochromatosis, documented here and in other places, Stephen and Chey probably know more about hemochromatosis than the average family doctor.

Q. How did Stephen and Chey educate themselves about hemochromatosis?
A. They started by reading this book, The Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis, by Cheryl Garrison of the Iron Disorders Institute. Then they read everything they could find on the Internet about hemochromatosis, including all of the medical journal articles they could access within their budget. In October of 2010, Stephen attended the Iron Conference, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, Stephen and Chey have kept up their research, and regularly interest with thousands of hemochromatosis patients on the Facebook page that Stephen created.